Group Rental Rules

It is the responsibility of the Group Leader to inform your group of these rules.

Thank you for your cooperation.

  1. Prior to arrival, all non-profit and business groups must contact their insurance carrier and provide Covenant Acres proof of liability insurance.
  2. All groups must check in with Covenant Acres personnel upon arrival. Walk through inspection with group leader and Covenant Acres will be performed after check in.
  3. Treat the facilities with care, no inside rough housing or moving of furniture.
  4. Lights MUST be turned off during the day or when not in use or when the building is empty.
  5. A minimum of one adult should be assigned to each sleeping room, though we recommend that groups with minor students consider that the “two adult rule” is the accepted practice. Camps MUST follow NYS Health Dept. rules.
  6. Please restrict all food to common areas and clean up after yourselves.
  8. Smoking is not permitted in the buildings, in the presence of minors and only in designated areas.
  9. Report any prior broken or damaged equipment to the staff.
  10. Lights out at 12:00 midnight (or at your discretion) and quiet hour begins at 11pm.
  11. Guests are to bring bedding, towels and toiletries.
  12. Firearms and their use are not permitted on the grounds without written approval from Covenant Acres and the presence of a Certified Instructor.
  13. Speed limit on all camp roads is 11 mph.
  14. Please do not bring motorized watercraft, snowmobiles, or motorized ATV’s without the permission of Covenant Acres in advance.
  15. Please build campfires in designated areas. Do not leave campfires unattended.
  16. New York State fishing laws apply to all fishing. Please catch and release all bass.
  17. Anyone in a canoe or boat must wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket at all times.
  18. Pets are not permitted on the grounds without the prior approval of Covenant Acres.
  19. Please return all boats and other equipment used by your camp or group back to its proper place. Clean up fees will be charged for misplaced equipment.
  20. Swim only in designated areas and only when a certified lifeguard is on duty (during season). Camps MUST follow NYS Health Dept. rules.
  21. Waterslide is not available without permission and the presence of a lifeguard (during season). Camps MUST follow NYS Health Dept. rules.
  22. No one is permitted on the lake without a certified lifeguard and lifesaving equipment available. Camps MUST follow NYS Health Dept. rules.
  23. The total balance of your rental is due one week prior to your rental agreement date(s) or upon check-in if approved in advance by Covenant Acres personnel. (Make all checks payable to Covenant Acres. There is a $40 fee assessed for all returned checks.)
  24. All groups must check out with Covenant Acres personnel prior to departure. Walk through inspection with group leader and Covenant Acres will be performed before check out.
  25. All property used will be left in the same condition as it was found. Any cost, related to the damage or additional cleanup, will be the responsibility of the group.

Everyone using the facilities at Covenant Acres must read and accept the above usage rules and conditions. Failure to abide by these conditions may constitute automatic dismissal from the grounds. Each group leader is responsible to inform the members of their group, and to abide by these rules and to oversee that these rules are followed.