Summer Camp Staff


Covenant Acres takes every necessary step to ensure the safety of each camper. Our staff is trained for two weeks from our safety and procedure manual. We have two trained-certified counselors in every cabin (each cabin holds up to 10 campers). There are 2 counselors to every activity and event of 15 campers or more. Because of this training, we are one of the best-supervised and safest summer camps in N.Y. We have 3-5 N.Y. certified Lifeguards and a WSI (Waterfront Safety Instructor). During each week of Summer Camp a full-time resident NYS Licensed Nurse is on duty and is regulated by the NY State Health Department. We are in compliance with the NY State health department regulations.

Camp Counselors

Covenant Acres counselors are chosen for their warmth and compassion, their understanding of children and their spiritual integrity as much as, or more than their expertise in a particular activity. A staff to camper ration of 2 to 10 enables us to place a strong emphasis on instruction and to encourage positive and lasting relationships between campers and their counselors. Each summer we seek a balance between Senior Counselors, Junior Counselors and Counselors-in-Training (C.I.T’s). Our staff’s return rate is typically 85-90%, and sometimes better. Must of our counselors have “grown up” with us, spending several summers as campers, participating in our counselor-in-training program for 15 & 16 year olds and continuing on as Junior and Senior Counselors.

Our counselors wear several different hats, ensuring their access to all the girls and boys in a variety of contexts. All counselors are instructors in their particular areas of expertise, as well as cabin counselors. There are two counselors in each cabin, a Senior Counselor and Junior Counselor, who share the responsibility for safety and spiritual leadership. In addition, all counselors share in the responsibilities of supervising their cabin table in the dining hall, leading special activities, conducting daily devotional time and supervising evening activities – they are involved in every aspect of our summer camp community life, regardless of their particular activity assignment.

Safety and Instructor Certifications

Some of our counselors are certified by the American Red Cross as a Waterfront Lifeguard – this allows them to supervise our campers while swimming or boating on the lake. Additional counselors are certified in First-Aid.

Some of our counselors also hold a variety of other certifications: paddling and boating staff; Water Safety Instructors, a Red Cross certification; archery and more. Most important is the spiritual leadership that each counselor must possess to become a mentor to all age groups.

We know that you want your child to have fun, expand their horizons, meet new friends and learn new skills. At the same time, you are seeking quality, and want to ensure your child is taken care of. Covenant Acres Camp is rated one of the safest camps in New York State by the NYS Health Department. We have an outstanding safety record. In 28 years of wilderness camping, not one participant has had an injury requiring an overnight hospital stay. Despite our commitment to safety, obviously we cannot guarantee safety, but we do everything possible to make sure our campers are given the best supervision to minimize any risks.