teen camp

Teen Camp

Senior Teen Camp
Grades 9-12 | July 10-15, July 17-22
This will be one of the most exhilarating, powerful, thrilling and absolute best week(s) of your life! Get ready for cabin battles, live bands, amazing speakers, water wars, craziest workshops and some of the best counselors you will ever meet. Each day you will be challenged spiritually and learn how God’s love is life changing. Also you and your friends will have opportunities throughout the week to pick and make your own schedule. It’s camp the way you want it. I can’t tell you it all but I will say this with our 70 ft. waterslide, late night secret missions (shhh) and water wars you will not want to miss these weeks!!!!

Highland Camp
Senior teens only | Grades 9-12 | July 24-29
You asked for it, and now it’s here!! While still enjoying everything there is of teen camp, you will also be getting a full camping experience. Using our camp gear and tents we will set up camp in the woods on Sunday. While camping out every night you will learn outdoor survival techniques plus how to build a lean-to, campfire and a campfire for cooking. You will learn to prep and properly cook your meals over a campfire throughout the week. This is the real deal, each night we will be in tents and fully camping the way it was very first meant to be!! We will be split up by tenting by gender. This will be a coed camp experience you will not forget. We provide all necessary equipment to camp out. Get all your friends together…. it’s time to camp out!!!

Grades 9-12 | July 31 – Aug. 5
Here is your chance to take that next step! If you’re interested in being a summer camp counselor or are just looking for that extra challenge, KREW CAMP is just for you. The week is designed to help you grow spiritually, while equipping you with the excitement of camp ministry and leadership. We will be camping out, going on excursions, sharing camp responsibilities, being a part of a work KREW and teaching you all there is to know about summer camp, which includes PAINTBALL!!! This is a great first step in understanding and learning the role of a camp counselor and camp ministry. It’s time to join “The Krew”!!! Must have attended at least one week of Covenant Acres 2009 summer camp.

Offered: July 11-16, July 18-23, July 25-July 30
Along with the excitement of summer camp we will be offering Paintball for anyone age 12 and up. We have three fields, a Woods Ball field, a Bunker Tactical field, and a speed ball field. We supply all the paintballs, safety gear, and markers for a huge week of paintball fun!